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rapid test kit intelligent system

5 simple steps to test, record, manage & report COVID-19 cases in compliance with MITI guideline

Our Advantages

The only digital signature powered result verification by doctors, compiled to Digital Signature Act 1997.

AI-powered for
test kit result



Features of DOC2US RTKis


At-home test


6 Layers of

Verification & Validation

Identity verification via phone number OTP

Identity verification via selfie with ID card

Scan unique QR code

Video selfie on saliva taking

Saliva test kit image

Doctor validation with digital signature


cost effective
safe & secure
no on-site
doctors needed


It is a quick, non-invasive and cost-effective mass screening tool for SARS-CoV-2 using only small amount of saliva and result available in 15 mins.

This is a self test kit which can be used by anyone at the comfort of their own home or office space. There is clear user instruction pamphlet and even video to guide you throughout the entire process.

If you have no exposure risk to a COVID19 positive case, you may still proceed with the test. However, if you are a close contact, a PCR diagnostic test is recommended.

Yes, you may and it is unlikely to be false positive if there is no new infection ongoing.

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5 simple steps

1. Logon to DOC2US RTKis

2. Fill in personal information for first time verification

3. Begin the test

Scan RTK code
to begin testing

Upload video of
sample collection

Upload photo of kit
results after 15 mins

4. AI will analyze on result

5. A test certificate will be obtained

All results will sync with SIMKA & MySejahtera