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Doc2Us® Features

Online Consultation

Chat with a doctor or healthcare provider online

Electronic Prescription

Seamless & paperless e-Prescription within the system

Desktop Web Version

An alternate option to chat with doctor via desktop/laptop

Blockchain Electronic Health Record

Empowering users to manage their electronic health record in a secure & interoperable manner

Medication Delivery (Corporate)

Have your medications prescribed digitally & delivered to your doorstep seamlessly

Daily Health Tips

Daily health articles enable users to be well engaged with updated medical/health related knowledge

About Doc2Us®

Introducing Doc2Us, your personal pocket doctor at your fingertips. With its name synonymous to “talk to us”, Doc2Us is a mobile application that allows you to talk to a doctor or any healthcare professionals via text chat at any time and from anywhere.

WHY Doc2Us®?

We often find ourselves desperate for a professional medical practitioner’s advice at a time when it seems most inconvenient. Troublesome symptoms that make us question their severity and if relied solely on the internet, we can almost be certain that it is the bleakest ailment that has struck us. The question that always seem to be lingering on our minds are: How severe is the situation and which doctor should I seek opinion from?

However, the idea of braving the weather and traffic, proceeding to find a car park, before joining others in the long queue then finally paying expensive consultation fees just to ask a simple question “What is wrong with me?” is barely worth the effort. Here’s where Doc2Us comes into play – connecting you to a healthcare professional and get advice instantly via a simple platform.

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Vision & Mission

With current doctors to Malaysian population ratio of 1:600 and the attack of silver tsunami it is no surprise that the demand for healthcare will be significantly increased. This has resulted in a longer waiting time and possibly shorter consult time in the near future. Doc2Us envisions to improve this congestion in the real world consultation by connecting users to a doctor and providing them with a personalized chat based healthcare consultation service, hence reducing the need to visit a doctor unnecessarily. This will in turn improve the health and well being of the people in the long run.

Our Core Values

C – Compassion

  • Be a sympathetic trusted healthcare buddy to our patients
  • Making efforts to improve patients’ general wellbeing and interest

A – Appreciation

  • Acknowledge efforts and contributions made by peers, colleagues, pals and family members
  • Fair and transparent rewards towards acknowledged peers, colleagues, pals and family members
  • Be grateful at all times

R – Resilience

  • Acknowledge issues, problems, difficulties, challenges and wrongs with open heart, mind and soul
  • Recover and rectify quickly, efficiently and effectively

E – Excellence

  • Continue to learn, seek knowledge, information and innovation for a better healthcare services to the community

Our Team

For Healthcare Providers

Flexible Hours

You decide when to provide the service and who you will be attending to with full control.

Extra Income

Attractive extra income via easy and secure online payment.

More Efficient

You can manage your patients and time more efficiently.

Chatting at Your Comfort & Convenience

Our Real-time chatting platform allows you to chat with patients at your comfort anytime anywhere.

Build-up Your Patient Database

You can increase your exposure to the community and follow-up with your own patients in a professional and user friendly platform.


The platform allows you to prescribe electronically to your chronic patients remotely

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